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Matt Conrad 
District 11

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Matt Conrad was born and raised in Herring Cove. He is currently living in Prospect. Being born, raised and living in District 11, he has a deep pride in the community. Growing up, he attended William King Elementary, Herring Cove Jr High and JL Ilsley High.


He has a history of being involved to do what’s best for the District - everything from church involvement, community family days, Long Lake Provincial Park and working with current governments to give back to the people.


Currently, Matt is an agency manager at Allstate Insurance. He has used this position to grow the brand while giving back to District 11 and HRM as a whole. He has acquired funding for sidewalk safety and a $15,000 donation to Dartmouth General Hospital. Investments in the community also include being one of the founding members to raise nearly $5000 for JL Ilsley. As well, he is a current board member for MADD Canada for the HRM division.


Matt is committed to getting invested in creating an active community. As someone who currently plays football, softball, ball hockey and tennis, he believes that an active community is a happy community!


Matt wishes to continue doing positive work in his community and feels representing District 11 at HRM Council is the next step to doing more!


Please consider him as your candidate of choice in the next HRM election in October 2020.


Thank you!

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Our community
Proud moments
Proud moments

Matt was instrumental in acquiring a $15,000 donation for Dartmouth General Hospital.


Matt partnered with two other leaders of the community to host a J.L Ilsley reunion and fundraised $4,750, donated to the school.


Matt received recognition from the community's MLA for his volunteer work. 

Commitment to safe roads
Commitment to safe roads

Matt speaking at HRP headquarters on behalf of the insurance industry for the MADD Canada red ribbon launch. 


Matt distributed 100 signs dedicated to keeping the children safe near our roads. 


Matt received a certificate for his dedication to keeping the roads safe by his multiple years served to MADD Canada. He is currently a board member for the HRM chapter.

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Community involvement

Matt laid the wreath on behalf of HRM at the Whites Lake Legion on Rememberance Day.


Matt co-organized family days such as Governor's Brook Days and Herring Cove Days over the last few years.


Matt and his mother at Sambro Days last year where he served as bartender for the dance. 



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