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Getting my message out

Over the last couple weeks I have listened to feedback from the district.
It’s important to me that you get to know me as a person, as well as a candidate.
Over the coming weeks and months, I will be releasing a series of videos on different topics that are close to my heart/principles.

I would like continuous input from each of you to do what’s best for District 11.

Wheat Field

 Environment action 

- Clean communities

- Stiffer fines for littering 

- Holding companies accountable for litter left behind

- Compost bins to reduce waste

- No compaign signs

Abstract City Lights

 Community development 

- Some form of rent control that's fair for renters and landlords

- Working with developers to invest in affordable housing

- Transparency

- Working with local businesses

Abstract Man on Beach

 Outdoor activities 

- More dog parks in the area

- Maintain fields, basketball, tennis courts, etc. 

- Maintain and develop green spaces

- Develop green spaces for all physical abilities

- Explore bike lanes



- Having town hall meetings once a quarter 

- Supporting local businesses by having community conversations on site 

- Coming to you! Traveling the district each week 

- Putting my personal information on my website for easy reachability 

Corrugated Metal

 Infrastructure - Part 1 

- Budget philosophy : managing the budget like a household 

- Keeping taxes low with efficient spending 

- Introduction to infrastructure videos 

- Boat launch in Terence Bay 

road 1.webp

 Infrastructure - Part 2 

- Safe roads

- Addressing speed bumps

- Alternative examples to traffic calming (chicanes, raised crosswalks, extended curbs)

- Addressing speed limits

Beautiful Landscape

  Metro Transit  

- Sambro bus

- Prospect road bus

- Transit expansion as the city grows

- Transit redundancy 

- Alternatives transit options ( ferries, fast train and green buses)

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